frozen botanical photography of sunflower and dahlia by artist anna thurber


Make your memories last a lifetime with a custom freeze. Contact me before your special event and we'll make arrangements to save your flowers, botanicals, and other special items so that I can freeze and photograph them. We'll discuss plans for your custom composition in advance, and then — during the freezing process — we'll trust Mother Nature to do what she does best, providing those special, magical touches that keep each custom freeze unique. At the end of the freezing process, I'll photograph the results and provide you with a custom piece of artwork framed to suit your style.



frozen botanical photography of orange slices and colored wire by artist anna thurber


As history tells it, French chef Auguste Escoffier created the first ice sculpture — a swan — 1892 to accompany a new dessert he'd made. While I don't offer sculpted centerpieces, I can create frozen botanical installations guaranteed to leave Escoffier's swan dripping with envy. For your next big event, stretch the floral budget to include one of my custom frozen botanical centerpieces. As a bonus, you can also purchase a framed photo to ensure your custom frozen centerpiece never drains away.


Why I Like Looking at Anna's Artwork:
There is a beautiful luminosity of colors and light, and the flowers have such a poetic life and beauty. The flowers seem to create a different story or dance.
Gunilla Munro Gyllenspetz
I have had the pleasure of knowing Anna, "The Ice Queen of flowers," for a few years on Instagram. We connected and liked each others art instantly and did some collaborations that were very well received. She is very inspiring!!!
Harry C. Wick
With 12 years experience in public and private art collecting, I find Anna's art to be some of the most exciting I have seen by today's contemporary artists. Now I proudly own 4 of her prints and look forward to owning more.